My approach

I believe that I can help people best when I focus on what I am good at, in the areas where I have the greatest experience and interest.

My focus is on short-term solution-focused psychotherapy, helping people to find solutions to specific problems (usually within 6-8 sessions).  Sometimes, however, my clients choose to see me for a number of months, or even years. This is also OK.

I aim to create a safe and comfortable environment when I do therapy. I believe in two-way communication between therapist and client as feedback builds trust and understanding. My intention is to build on your strengths and experiences – we will work together to uncover hidden strengths, and to build on what strategies have worked for you before.

I believe that every individual is entitled to healthy expression of their sexuality, without shame or guilt, while respecting others. 

Areas in which I can help you include:
  • anxiety and depression
  • social phobias and shyness
  • loneliness and dating
  • various psychiatric conditions
  • living with chronic illness or disability
  • living with HIV
  • addiction (including alcohol, drugs and social media)
  • relationship challenges (heterosexual, gay and lesbian), including infidelity and divorce
  • sexual identity
  • sexual problems
  • life transitions and midlife crises
  • stress (including work stress and exam stress)
  • adjusting to retirement
  • loss and bereavement
  • terminal illness
  • supervision of intern psychologists and counsellors
  • debriefing / supervision of registered psychologists.