Relationship counselling

I believe that there is no single basis for satisfying human relationships, other than the need for mutual respect and acceptance of differences. Human relationships can be between people of the opposite sex (heterosexual relationships), people of the same sex (gay or lesbian relationships), or even between more than two people (polyamory). Few of us growing up are taught about how to create healthy relationships.

The myth of the happily-ever-after relationship that we learn about from fairy tales and Hollywood films doesn’t exist in the real world. In reality relationships require effort and work, over the whole lifespan. Often relationships may come unstuck because of different expectations, different family backgrounds or two people growing apart or changing at different rates. People often give up on relationships because of arguments. In truth, even fulfilling relationships sometimes experience intense conflict. However, psychotherapy can help you to learn how to disagree or argue in ways that are safe and fair to both parties. It can also help you to develop better communication and to rediscover the joy in your relationship.

Differing sexual needs, and different approaches to money, in-laws and raising children are frequent issues between individuals in a relationship. Relationships need to adapt as people develop and change, in response to the demands of different life stages. My approach to relationships is a short-term, solution-focused approach. I believe that most relationships have the potential to be revitalised and strengthened.

I can help you explore healthy ways to renew and rework your relationship, even if it seems hopeless.